Software libraries should be *beige*. They should be boring and predictable and follow all the best practices. They should do whatever they do in the simplest and most time-tested manner, unless they can provably do it orders of magnitude faster.

Twice as fast isn't good enough when it doubles the learning curve as well.

Also? Dependency Injection is the single most useful Software Pattern ever. Without Dependency Injection, Software Libraries tend to be fragile and difficult to reuse outside the original context.

@jackwilliambell i dispute that; it’s the single most useful workaround for languages that fucked up their OOP implementation. there’s no point to it in other languages

@jackwilliambell instead of using brittle non reusable libraries you use brittle unrusable frameworks, which in turn ask you to write code that is brittle and unresuable anywhere other than the specific framework, including minor version numbers

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