Getting back into the swing of working and, along the way, inadvertently reminding myself I'm actually really good at software design – both in the doing of it and the communicating of it to others.

Software people: learn how to code in English (or whatever human language is used in your organization). Effective communication of ideas is at least as difficult – and as important – as designing secure and scalable systems.

And most people are quite bad at it.


Regarding effective writing and use of language as an important skill for programmers, there is far more to it than grammar and proper punctuation.

There's also how you organize and present the information – and that is determined by the audience. There needs to be one version of the information aimed at technical users and another version targeted to people who just need the 5,000 foot view.

Moreover? You need to understand business requirements and be able to connect the dots for the reader.

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