Made an appointment to see the dentist for a tooth going bad. Really horrible past experiences with dentists have resulted in my always waiting until something has to be done right away.

When I say, "Really horrible," I mean really truly horrible. Like the dentist sitting on me to hold me down while they work because Novocaine doesn't even dull the pain for me horrible. (Xylocaine works a little.) We're talking PTSD material.

And, when I was in the Air Force, they only used Novocaine…

FWIW: Despite my age I still have the preponderance of my own teeth. They aren't in very good shape, mind you, but I don't have to wear dentures yet.

You younger people? Take care of your teeth! Good dental habits are one of those things that pay off when you reach my age.

(I fully expect no one to follow that advice who isn't already doing it. People aren't very good at long-range planning.)

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