It's trees and bushes day up here at Vanishing Point Lodge.

The other day I trimmed the sides of an enormous lilac in my front yard. Is a lilac a tree or a bush? If this one is a bush, it's a 5 meter tall bush. But it does make the yard smell nice this time of year.

This morning I planted some new berry bushes and cut dead branches off the old crab-apple tree in the pasture. (Except for some ones at the top I'd need an arborist's ladder to get even with a pole saw.)


I was going to burn the pruned branches along with the big pile of fir branches from winter storms I have down by the fire pit. But after some though I've decided to go ahead and buy a wood chipper. I have a use for the chips and I won't have to burn them that way.

Regarding that old crab-apple tree: when I bought this property a dozen years ago I seriously thought it was dead. It only had a few leaves and pretty much every inch of it was covered with woodpecker holes.


It showed every evidence of having been beetle-killed, so I figured I would cut it down. Except I didn't get around to it that year.

The next year it started growing some new branches and some of the previously 'dead' branches sprouted leaves. It even flowered and bore fruit.

(Terrible tasting fruit. It's a crab-apple after all.)

A few years ago I did some minor pruning on it and it really took off. So this year I decided to get as much as I could.


Since it's doing so well at that spot, which does get a lot of sun, that's where I'm currently planting new fruit trees and berry bushes.

And it really is doing well: last year I could have picked five bushels of crab-apples if I wanted to pick crab-apples.

Currently I just let them fall for the deer, although I might try my hand at pickling some this year. (Apparently pickled crab-apples were a drinking snack a hundred years ago.)

You can come pick as many as you want though!


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