> NoteCalc is a handy notepad with a smart builtin calculator. bbodi.github.io/notecalc3/

Another 'app' where you either need an Internet connection or be running Node. 😣

That said? It's pretty cool.

@jackwilliambell i like calca. no internode needed.
but maybe specific operating systems?



Not familiar with that. googling… (Actually DDG'ing, but I enjoy both verbing the noun and violating the trademark.)

OK, here it is: calca.io/

Ah, it has Mac support. BUT … I aint gonna use no freaking app store. Scroom.

I was looking for an Open Source alternative.

@jackwilliambell i understand that. i just like the approach of it being a markdown prpcessor, but “code” blocks are evaluated as math. it’s a bit like a “notebook” but more excel-ish in the relationship between formula cells

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