I got my second shot of the Moderna vaccine yesterday.

After the first shot I felt tired and listless and my arm hurt for a few days. Kind on the edge of being sick without actually being sick.

Word is the second short of the Moderna vaccine is far worse – like having the actual disease for two or three days, only without the lung issues and coughing.

Right now I feel tired and listless and my arm hurts. Hopefully this is the worst I'm going to experience from the shot.

Follow-up on my second shot: Yesterday, the day after my shot, was pretty awful. Headache, terrible body aches, lethargic. I dosed myself into insensibility with CBD, drank lots of coffee and tea, and drowsed much of the day. Ended up going to sleep by 8:00 PM. This morning I woke up feeling fine and I've been out doing things this morning with my new (used) tractor.

Based on what I've been hearing, I got off lightly.

Also? I have a new tractor.

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