> Modern software controls dependencies because it helps software authors. utcc.utoronto.ca/~cks/space/bl

This is mostly the kind of thing where someone says things we already know, but no one just came out and said them. And it's mostly about Semantic Versioning. semver.org/

I"m actually not a huge fan of Semantic Versioning, mostly because people tend to do it wrong for various reasons. I prefer date versioning, because it doesn't lend itself to version inflation.


For Date Versioning you use a date in the form yyyymmdd and add a three-digit version number for bug patches and minor additions, making the version number yyyymmdd.XXX. Forex, 20210120.006.

Date Versioning doesn't add semantic information–other than patch number and the fact a new Date Version contains a breaking change of some kind. But it is unambiguous and references a point in time useful for researching it.

But I'm OK with Semantic Versioning too. Just do it right or use Date Versioning.

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