There's one thing I think the is missing: Federated identities.

Let's suppose I have a identity. (I do. I even operate my own Mastodon server so that identity is fully under my control.) But now I want to participate in a different Fediverse activity, say on a Lemmy server – now I have to create a new identity there, one entirely disconnected from my 'main' identity here on Rusted Neuron.

This seems both wasteful and overly complicated from a UI perspective.



Convincing the mastodon people about Federated Identities (or also the C2S portion = generic servers / diverse clients) is “another task”.
But I'd be happy if you try …


@sl007 @tchambers

DIDs are interesting! Especially because they could also support another thing I think we need: Anonymous Identities.

For whistleblowers and those who live in places without the right of free speech, Anonymous Identities only they can use, and which may be part of a cryptographic signature on a post, are very important.

But, as you said, 'another task'. There are too many incentives towards user lock-in, even in the and .

@sl007 @tchambers

Hmm… There's a did:twit method allowing you to use Twitter as the third party to establish identity.

But I can find nothing similar for mastodon. Mind you, the did:twit method spec could be used without change with Mastodon! I wish they had named it did:social or something… 😕

There's also a did:peer method for P2P.

@jackwilliambell @tchambers

Yes, but these are “private” repositories.
Here are all:

There is no ActivityPub in the “Network” column yet.
@rhiaro : WANT! ;)

You are right with mastodon, could be the same cause posting as toot does not even require UI changes!
It would be the task of mastodon to quickly communicate with us so that we, the AP implementors could to a did:social or did:AP or whatever …

Loving “Rick Astley (thank you for your inspiration)” ;)

There are several projects supporting OpenWebAuth; which provides confederated self-sovereign identities with cross-domain single sign-on, so it's a bit of a mis-statement to say that this ability is missing from the fediverse.

There's no reason you couldn't have both OWA and DID, but some of us see centralised/"trusted" identity providers and blockchain and all the inherent flaws of LD-signatures as huge red flags and want no part of it.

And we've always got OAuth if you want to link to a Facebook, Google, Github, Twitter, or whatever identity. Don't know about you, but AFAIC they can all rot in hell.


Which Fediverse server apps currently support OWA? Any idea? Some quick searches for OpenWebAuth and Fediverse related topics turned up a lot of commentary and unrelated links, but nothing helpful.

Friendica, Hubzilla, Mistpark, Zap, Osada, Redmatrix, and Roadhouse all support OWA.



If you have personal experience or (informed) opinions about any of them I'd be interested as well.

I took a look at using the Mastodon auth code as a single sign-on for a project I'm considering and determined it would be too much work. Ended up looking more closely at SocialHome because it used Django's built-in auth system. (And because I like Python more than anything except C. I'm kinda old-school. Emphasis on 'old'.)


Goal for the project was marrying a social VR system to some sort of text stream. Ability to Federate was actually a secondary goal.

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