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It's Friday night, a little over two weeks to the election.

Because of how the 'News Cycle' works, this means tonight is the best time for political campaigns to release or engineer the release of bad news for their candidate. (Whereas the best time to release bad news for a *competing* candidate is one week before the election. See 'Comey Letter'.)

So watch the news tonight and tomorrow; we might just see some doozies.

Politics, Election, News Cycle 

Here's a possible 'hint release': Trump Threatens to ‘Leave the Country’ if He Loses to Biden.

I'd rank this one as 'unlikely'. However, if it turns out some media outlet is finalizing a story about Trump's team preparing to spirit him overseas on Nov 4th, then maybe there's something to it.

More likely it's just Trump being outer with his inner, if you know what I mean…

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Politics, Election, News Cycle 

This looks like the kind of thing I'm talking about: Biden town hall questioner worked as speechwriter in Obama administration.

This one meets all the standards; minor issue, slightly skeezy (but not that awful), likely to be 'old news' by Monday after being hashed out on the Sunday morning talkfests.

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