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My ballot arrived in the mail today and I've never been more excited about having the right to vote. I've also never been more worried about voting rights across the USA.

As an Independent who has concluded one party is actively working to restrict voting rights I will be voting a straight ticket. Meaning I'm not voting 'for' either party; I'm voting 'all-the-way-against' one.

But you can – and should – vote whatever your conscience dictates. That's what I'm voting to preserve.

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@jackwilliambell From what I read Americans should vote in person not by mail - but you know this of course.

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@safenetwork I live in Washington State. There is no 'vote in person' alternative here, we've been 100% 'vote by mail' for nearly a decade.

Also? Voter fraud was virtually unknown throughout that time and the rejection rate was less than 1%.

I usually use a ballot drop-box, but that's so I'll remember to do it. I have ADHD and used to forget to mail the envelope back.

Now, if we could just get 'ranked choice' voting…

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@jackwilliambell Really? I didn't know there was no alternative to postal voting in some states. I read about postal sorting machines being deliberately dismantled by Dejoy and imagine a lot of votes will mysteriously 'disappear', or arrive very late after a contested decision has been forced through.

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@safenetwork Well, there's always the drop-box if you don't trust the mail. But, in truth, I'm not overly worried about the US Postal Service 'losing' enough ballots to swing the election.

I'm far more worried about bogus charges of voter fraud when a large part of the population (on both sides) have been primed to believe the system has been compromised. (Not to mention the possibility of actually compromised computer systems.)

Not to mention potential domestic terrorism.

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@safenetwork Sorry, I meant, "Also, I am worried about potential domestic terrorism."

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@jackwilliambell I'd say that's a very valid fear. Facts have gone out of the window and America seems to be a country with more guns and anger than brains right now. Same applies in the UK, but at least we don't have the conspiracy fuelled gun nuts to contend with.

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