Politics, Trump, Putin 

Today I saw a headline that enraged me, "Trump admires Putin because he runs Russia like a company: Cohen book."

There are so many things wrong with that headline. To focus on just one of them: Putin doesn't run Russia like a company, he runs it like a mob boss runs a neighborhood, only on a larger scale.

Imagine companies run like Putin runs Russia; where corrupt CEOs send assassination squads against their rivals and enemies and oligarchs divvy up state enterprises.

Politics, Trump, Putin 

Sounds like something out of a William Gibson novel. And it's certainly nothing new under the sun. But it's not how companies operate under a system of laws.

It's how crime bosses operate.

And that's what Trump admires. I honestly think, if he had his way, his enemies would start 'falling' out of fifth story windows, the way Putin's enemies do in Russia.

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