So the Science Fiction Worldcon (technically in New Zealand, but 'virtual' this year due to pandemic) is in full swing.

As I mentioned before, I was lead developer on a VR Exhibits Hall for the convention. We call it 'Squid Hall'.

Here is a thread of screenshots.

The Artist Guest of Honor for ConZealand is Greg Broadmore; a Weta guy who writes, creates graphic novels, does classic and genre art, and does 3D modelling. The robot statue near the entrance is his.

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Of course there's a whole lot more in the hall. We've managed to pack in an enormous amount of content and are adding more as the convention progresses. If you are a member of the convention, check it out!

If you aren't? Well, sorry dude. Member's only.

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Also? It's multi-user. To reduce poly count I designed a user avatar that looks like a con badge with googly eyes.

So, basically, you aren't wandering around in there on your lonesome.

Almost forgot to mention it, but there is a hidden 'Easter Egg' in the hall, with the team list.

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