Since I'm going on about , here's some coffee recommendations for you new to folks:

* Best coffee on Capitol Hill is Vivace:

* My favorite coffee place Downtown closed, but both Cherry Street and Storyville are good

* Batdorf and Bronson is an Olympia roaster for the gourmet market, since 1986:

* The Good Coffee Company is a little-known custom roastery hidden off Post Alley, near the Owl and Thistle:


More about 'The Good Coffee Company' you'll need to know if you decide to go there – and you'll *have* to go there because unless you are a fancy restaurant you aren't ordering from them and having it shipped. There's no website and they aren't on Amazon.

What's more? The place always looks like its closed (and randomly is) and they only accept cash or checks for counter orders. It's a weird little place that hasn't changed *at all* since the Good family established it back in the 1960s.

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