Trying to work on a volunteer project today and am having trouble focusing. Living with really sucks sometimes.

So I took a break to do something different to see if it would reset me. And ran into a roadblock.

I had a coffee roaster stop working on me a while back. At the time I tooted a thread where I figured out what was wrong with it and finally decided to just dump the whole circuit board and power everything using plain old SPST switches.

Only, while tracing the circuit board today, I learned the motor in the thing is DC and the circuit board has a crappy little power supply for it.


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So, my options going forward:

1. Replace the failed momentary switches on the control panel instead; keeping the circuit board

2. Take the whole damn thing apart and see if I can figure out what voltage the motor requires, and then add a DC power supply

3. Toss it and give up

(1) is the easiest answer, but I'll have to order the switches. (2) is probably the right answer, especially if it turns out the actual problem is in the circuit board, not the momentary switches. (3) is tempting.

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And the coffee roaster saga continues…

I ordered some momentary SPST switches and spent a little time mapping out the switch wiring.

Also, I have one of those air fryers, the bigger kind with a rotisserie. Mine came with a basket for the rotisserie, so I tried roasting a small amount of coffee with it.

I used Celebus beans for reduced chaff, but I never heard it crack or got ANY chaff. The air fryer only gets up to 400f, so it probably wasn't hot enough to pop. Looks like light city roast.

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(BTW: total roast time was MORE than 40 minutes.)

So, how does it taste? Actually pretty good and probably will taste better when the roast matures 24 hours from now.

The light roast didn't bring out the full, deep flavor of the Celebus. But it is definitely drinkable. I'd say it basically doesn't have enough character to use in a blend, but it's fine as-is.

If I ever need to roast a large amount of coffee to light-city I'll use the air fryer. But I really need to fix my good roaster.

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