This is one nice looking and quiet home-build PC system option.

FYI: I'm thinking of doing an AMD Ryzen build with as many cores as I can cram on a motherboard. (And afford, of course.)

Imagine a 128 core machine running a hypervisor.

On four cores you have Linux set up as a dedicated I/O processor–it's the only process that has peripherals. On four cores you have Linux set up as a memory pipe processor and container manager.

On the remaining 120 cores you have containers with either one or two cores. In the containers you are running discrete services compiled with Unikernels and only communicating via memory pipes set up as either pure serial streams or as network sockets.

Basically we are talking about running a data center in a single computer. Most likely with similar use cases, software architectures, and management tools predominating.

And, sure, most of us don't really want to be running big data services or Oracle at home. But there are other use cases. Render farms, for example.

Personally I'd like to try building a massive actor system optimized for running simulations using millions of actors, with a hierarchical communications metaphor.

OK, now image a hundred of the above networked together to support truly gargantuan simulations with hundreds of millions of actors.

@jackwilliambell my gods, that case, the glorious retrofuturism of that case.

@emma No shit! Like a NeXT, only it catches more dust inside those undercut grooves.

And the fact it is ZERO fans? You get all the space heater effect, but without the noise. Like one of those electric radiator things.

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