With the ongoing customer support issues at Crunchyroll (new Queue especially) I'm considering taking to the high seas for my again.

The problem is, I'm on a Satellite Internet connection. So t*rrent apps won't work well. I did some looking around and found Bitport.io - bitport.io/welcome

Bitport is kind of awesome because the t*rrent's go to a cloud server and you can download them normally from there. Anyone have any experience with them or know of alternatives?


The problem here is, how do I make sure to compensate the creators? I guess I'll do the same as I did back in my fansub days: buy legal videos (DVDs now) of my favorites and pick up some merch here and there.

Frankly I'd rather just use a streaming service. It's too bad Crunchyroll is going through some kind of of corporate BS right now, but the forums there are full of angry paying customers, like myself, threatening to leave.

RE: alternative streaming services to Crunchyroll:

1. HiDive is OK, but their library is limited

2. Funimation has some of the same corporate-who-cares-about-the-customers issues as Crunchyroll, plus their video compression sucks; bad for anyone with a bandwidth cap like myself

3. There is no number 3

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