You've seen all the graphics showing stacks of money to compare your average worker with a millionaire and a billionaire? Where the scale just seems off to you; like the difference cannot possibly be that much?

(Here's an example: )

Well, it is. Let my trying putting in in context using only words:

If you have a thousand dollars in your wallet and you spend $1 on candy – that is the EXACT equivalent of having a billion dollars and spending a million.

Got the relative size of a thousand and a billion firmly in your head? Now imagine you are a billionaire, you want to bend politics in a particular direction, and a million dollars is LITERALLY pocket change. Candy money.

And this is why the Supreme Court erred so badly in the Citizen United case.

You see, even if you have a thousand bucks left at the end of the month you still couldn't afford to buy a billboard. Much less dump tens of millions into dark money politics.

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So, if you're looking around at US politics and wondering how in the hell we got here? Well, a big reason, maybe even the biggest reason, is too many billionaires and a bad Supreme Court decision.

I'm a firm believer in Capitalism. So long as it is properly chained and watched.

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