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The One Thing Elizabeth Warren Didn’t Have a Plan For
And why it killed her campaign.

I only read the first few paragraphs of this article before I realized it was the kind of stoopid pundit spew you always see at this point in a campaign.

What do I mean? Well, look: we are TWO states into the primary. And while it would have been nice if Warren had made a better showing, 2 is 1/25th of the total, representing 267/3,979 delegates.

Politics, Warren, Pundits 

Basically, calling Warren out now is ridiculous and intellectually dishonest, although her poll numbers could be doing better. But pundits crap stuff like this out all the time.

Maybe there would have been more meat further down in the article, but other than the headline there was no indication of it in what I read – which means either it wasn't actually there or the author and editor don't understand the 'Inverted Pyramid' of journalism.

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