I realized something this morning: I am ticked off that, in this day and age, no OS lets me easily annotate files or attach links to related files. It's been technically possible for years and many File Systems support data forks or other ways of associating non-file data with files.

But even in OS's using such file systems there's no support in the file browsers. Why the hell not? Why can't I add notes and links and pictures to files?

On Mac OSX you can right-click a file in the Finder and chose 'Get Info'. That brings up a dialog box that shows you the file attributes and lets you change selected attributes. It also has a section for 'comments', which sort of allows annotation.

But it is crap to use. I can add a comments column to the Finder window, but it isn't editable there. In order to add or edit a comment it's a minimum of three clicks.

Separately OSX Finder allows me to associate 'tags' with files fairly easily, but these tags are actually just colored dots, not arbitrary text values, and I can't search on them.

The underlying functionality is there and, on OSX, it is even used in a rudimentary way. But not in a useful way, so no one uses it.

What I want is a file browser that supports plugins for editing, displaying, and searching arbitrary data associated with files, with easy to access menu/toolbar support.

There are alternative file browsers for OSX, some with really cool features, but the only one I could find that allowed arbitrary text tags is Leap.

I know nothing about Leap or it's developer, Ironic Software. Does anyone have any experience with it?

I take back one thing I said earlier: you can have arbitrary tags in OSX 10.9 or higher. But the way the UI works makes managing more than a dozen tags a real headache. And I still can't easily do text annotations, nor can I do links or picture annotations.

However, tagging in later OSX is possible and I think the search supports tags.

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