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If you follow the poll aggregates on Five Thirty Eight you might already have noticed this, but the aggregate polls on impeachment did something interesting lately. projects.fivethirtyeight.com/i

Up until three days ago the 'do support' and 'don't support' numbers were converging towards 45%; leaving 10% as fence sitters.

In the last three days the numbers have diverged again, bigly. Fence sitters are down to 8% and a number of 'don'ts' have clearly become 'dos'.

Politics, Impeachment, Polls 

Yet it has no impact as long as Republicans remain overwhelmingly and fiercely against the impeachment process


Politics, Impeachment, Polls 

@vanecx If by 'Republicans' you mean 'In the Senate', absolutely. And a certain number of those are personally committed to Trumpism.

However, if polls shift hard enough the GOP Senators who are less-committed and/or not in safe-distrcits are going to be thinking about their next election. Maybe still not enough? Probably.

In any case these polls are not a case of 'no impact', just of 'no immediate impact'. There will be fallout.

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