Politics, Impeachment, Polls 

If you follow the poll aggregates on Five Thirty Eight you might already have noticed this, but the aggregate polls on impeachment did something interesting lately.

Up until three days ago the 'do support' and 'don't support' numbers were converging towards 45%; leaving 10% as fence sitters.

In the last three days the numbers have diverged again, bigly. Fence sitters are down to 8% and a number of 'don'ts' have clearly become 'dos'.

Politics, Impeachment, Polls 

Yet it has no impact as long as Republicans remain overwhelmingly and fiercely against the impeachment process

Politics, Impeachment, Polls 

@vanecx If by 'Republicans' you mean 'In the Senate', absolutely. And a certain number of those are personally committed to Trumpism.

However, if polls shift hard enough the GOP Senators who are less-committed and/or not in safe-distrcits are going to be thinking about their next election. Maybe still not enough? Probably.

In any case these polls are not a case of 'no impact', just of 'no immediate impact'. There will be fallout.

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