Getting ready to binge-watch the various movie series I usually binge-watch during the holiday season. Should I start with:

1. Star Wars In modified 'Machete Order' (starting with Rogue One and then going on to A New Hope)

2. The Hobbit followed by the Lord of the Rings (extended editions, of course)

3. The Harry Potter series

You'll notice this series list is fairly short. This is because I'll be going through all of them over the next month.

Of course, besides those three movie series, each six films or more, I also watch a bunch of one-time or one-and-a-sequel movies during the holidays. So I'll be doing a lot of video watching over a six week period.

And I'm thinking of adding a TV series to the binge list: K-On!

I rewatched Non Non Byori this last week because I finally got my hands on the 'Vacation' movie which was never released in the US. (Gray market all-region DVD.) So watching K-On! for even more kawaii seems reasonable.

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But that means, if I binge K-On–and count binging Non Non Byori this week as part of the holiday binging–I'll need to make it an Iyashikei 3-some and also binge Aria.

The fly in the ointment there is I got my hands on a Japanese copy of Aria the Avvenire (never released in the US) and it doesn't have English subtitles.

Does anyone know of a fan translation of Avvenire? I only need the script as I have enough Japanese to keep in sync manually, but not enough to watch without a translation.

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