Currently running the last load of pellets through my pellet stove to empty it out before I disconnect it. I have a new(er) stove to put in.

There's nothing wrong with my current Austroflamm stove, in fact it's built like a tank. The only downsides are (a) it's huge (it could heat a 2500 sq foot house) and (b) it doesn't auto-ignite; you have to light it manually.

If anyone in the area sees this and wants to buy it, please let me know.

Crap, finally got the other pellet stove in (a Thelin Parlour) and it appears the fan motor needs bearings. I'll need to order a new fan motor assembly before I can use it.

One of the nice things about the Austroflamm is how quiet it is. The Thelin should have been even quieter, but instead it sounds like an old box fan trying to shake itself apart.

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