I will be starting a test run of a paid add-on for Mastodon "Full-text search" on the servers I host.

You can read about it here: masto.host/full-text-search-ad

Any questions, please let me know.


@mastohost Although I'd love to have it for the occasional search for an old toot of mine that I vaguely remember, the cost-benefit ratio is pretty small. So I'll skip full-text search for now since it is otherwise useless to me.

@mastohost One feature I'd love to have? Search for a date range. That would be at least as useful to me and wouldn't require any external resources. I guess I'll be adding another feature request when github starts loading for me again.

@jackwilliambell yep, totally understand.

As for search by date range, that sounds like something doable.

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