Bonehead Blues (take 1)

Trying out the new audio feature of Mastodon. This is an old recording of mine where I was playing around with a new set up. Just kind of jamming on a warmup I liked to do at the time, which I have since expanded on.

I should note this file, although really too rough for a 'release', is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licesed. with a 'No Nazis' clause.

So, if someone wants to remix with a drum track (and regularize my timing with some edits) I'd be thrilled to hear it. Or you can improves on top with a penny whistle. IDK.

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So, comments on the Mastodon Audio Player:

1. The waveform thingie isn't working right now, but is working on it

2. It doesn't have a download link! This actually kind of sucks because I'd like for people to be able to save copies if they want

a. You can get the file name by looking in the HTML and then download it, but who wants to do that?

3. It doesn't seem to re-encode, I think it's just playing the mp4 I uploaded

4. Needs improvement, but COOL!

Here's an even older one of mine: Asphalt Blues (take 2)

Also Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial licesed ( ) with a 'No Nazis' clause.

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