I was looking at Anime News Network's 'Upcoming Anime List' and I see this Fall season includes the return of a quite a few good shows. I'm especially excited to see a third season of Chihayafuru!

As far as new shows, yet again there is a shitload of Isekai genre series. (Alternate world fantasy stories, usually with over-powered characters 'transported' from our world.)

Personally I'd like to see more Slice of Life/Iyashikei series. No need for Moe characters, just give me something soothing without big stakes.

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In terms of , I'm thrilled to see Non Non Biyori is getting a third season, but it isn't clear when that will air.

In any case I still haven't seen the movie, just the first two seasons. I might have to buy the DVD, since the movie doesn't seem to be streaming where I can watch it.

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