SpaceX CEO Elon Musk reveals radical Starlink redesign for 60-satellite launch.

Dang, I sure hope this works out. I really need an affordable alternative for Internet service.

I live 'extreme rural' in the North Cascade mountains. Currently my only option is Hughes Satellite, which manages to pull off the trifecta of expensive, slow, AND unreliable.

AirGig is particularly interesting. For one, it doesn't share the potential problems of satellite constellations (tens of thousands of orbiting satellites are easy to take out by a deliberate or accidental 'junk cascade') and for another it is *easy* to add to existing power lines, unlike previous power line net technology.

Basically it uses the power lines as wave guides and as an inductive power source, with the 'last mile' via 5G at the poles. Simple installation with no power line changes.

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