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The Long, Lucrative Right-wing Grift Is Blowing Up in the World's Face. splinternews.com/the-long-lucr

Alex Pareene says Conservatives are in trouble, and dragging the rest of us down with them, because they started to believe their own propaganda.

"Congressional Republicans went from people who were able to turn their bullshit-hose on their constituents, in order to rile them up, to people who pointed it directly at themselves, mouths open."

Note: this article is 2017, but holds up.


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Why do I say it holds up? Well, read this HuffPost article: William Barr’s Mueller Report Testimony Has Everyone Wondering What Happened To Him. huffpost.com/entry/william-bar

"Matthew Miller, who headed the Justice Department’s public affairs office under former Attorney General Eric Holder, told HuffPost he thinks Barr has lived in a 'cocoon of Fox News' and conservative legal circles in the Trump era and says his trajectory matches that of the Republican Party under Trump."

Politics, Media 

And there's more! Read this on the new generation of ratfuckers: Jacob Wohl Couldn’t Hold Roger Stone’s Jock. thebulwark.com/jacob-wohl-coul

"These are the people who think everything is a false-flag, or a conspiracy, or the work of shadowy leftist forces. They’ve heard for years, for example, that Democrats are getting away with murder on voter fraud, on spurious sex assault accusations, and the like—and they’ve thought most of the public was just too dumb to notice."

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