Speaking as an older person, I would be a lot more open to hearing other old people complain about young people not listening to their wisdom if those same old people didn't display a deep lack of wisdom by lecturing young people on things they have no expertise in.

For example, Global Warming…

Real wisdom avoids the Dunning/Kruger side of any debate.


And, in the cases where the old people do have the necessary expertise and feel the young folk still aren't listening?

Well, that is often an entirely different problem: every learning curve looks shallow when you are standing on top of it.

I'm beginning to think ALL wisdom is only learned the hard way, with much accompanying pain, and can never be taught like a skill. The most you can do is tell someone something and, years later, maybe that person sits up suddenly after experiencing a huge failure and goes, "That's what he meant!"

And that's my pearl of wisdom for you today…

@jackwilliambell one of the joys of square dance calling has been "learning" all sorts of stuff, then having that moment where my brain adapts the necessary structure to actually understand it, and all of a sudden I *comprehend*...

@danlyke David Levine described that very experience one time in a talk about writing he gave.

He related how all the writing books say a story is about a person who has a problem and other writers tell you a story is about a person who has a problem and one day he was having difficulty figuring out something for a story and he realized a story is about a *person* who has a *problem*.

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