Clear skies and sun this morning, then it clouded up after noon. Now it's finally starting to send down a few, tentative, snow flakes.

If the weather report is right I'm looking at moderate to heavy snow from tonight until Tuesday. So I hauled in enough wood for three days and moved my Jeep to the end of the driveway. Just in case, don't you know.

There's a story about the 'end of the driveway' thing, so [THREAD].

The year I moved up here was the worst winter for ten years or that I've seen since I've been here. At one point I got snowed in for three weeks.

I hadn't yet learned to pay close attention to the weather reports in the winter here, so I was unprepared. The first clue I missed was my neighbors all parking at the end of their driveways. I just thought it was odd.

The next day I had a foot of snow. And another foot the day after. By the end of the week I had three-plus feet of compacted snow.

After that it didn't snow nearly as much, but it didn't warm up either. For the next three weeks I had too much snow to get out any way but wading through three feet of snow to the road and then walking on the road. Five miles from the nearest grocery store.

So I made do. By the end of the three weeks I was down to emergency food supplies and thinking about making that walk, when one of my neighbors stopped by with a tractor and offered to plow my driveway for sixty bucks.

Uh… Sure!

Ever since I've prepared far better for winters. Not just in making sure I have enough supplies if I get cut off, including stuff like toilet paper, but also in arranging things so they are accessible and being obsessive about the weather report. (As you know, if you are following this feed.)

Oh, and just in case, I also bought a set of snow shoes.

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