Woke to about an inch of snow on the ground. Just enough to prettify things a bit, but not enough to be a problem.

Worked on organizing some of the electronics and computer stuff today. So now I can put my hands on a USB D to A cable in a hurry if I need to!

Movie hacker: blows dust off ancient computer and turns it on, "Well, it's old. But it'll do the job!"

Real life: blows dust off ancient computer and turns it on, "Well, it boots at least. But it's going to take me a while to update drivers and download some tools."

As a kind of cheap-ass life hack I just set my browser Home Page to my TODO list. (markdown format, of course)

Related: since when did Firefox support dragging a URL from the URL bar to a text editor on my dock?

Trump, Iran 

A while back I talked about how Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! appeared, from the first episode, to be something special; but I was afraid they couldn't sustain it at that level. rustedneuron.com/web/statuses/

Well, it's up to episode 7 now and, if anything, it's gotten even better.
Keep Your Hands Off Eizouken! is meta-anime of the first order.

If you love and you aren't watching this show you are missing out. If you are, what do you think?

Ever really stretch a stretch out? Or is that too much of a stretch for you?

It's been snowing here all morning, but not sticking. With the temps in the mid 30f range I don't expect to see much accumulation, if any.

I did my taxes. So that's one thing done I don't have to worry about anymore.

CAROL KAYE: THE BOSS OF THE BASS GUITAR. pleasekillme.com/carol-kaye/

Great interview with Carol Kaye; legendary bassist of the (also legendary) 'Wrecking Crew' studio musician co-op.

Also? There's no schedule…

Some notes to the thread:

* My management gave me lots of leeway and air cover, but that doesn't mean they weren't on my ass about the schedule – so time availability remained a factor in my considerations

* PoCs with APIs and hard problems solved were hugely useful in many ways beyond described above; for example, patent applications before you have a shipping product

* Not every development shop can afford someone who is not moving a shipping product forward

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Because I was in complete control of the PoC I could re-implement in ways you can't afford to even try with a product intent app. My only limit was schedule; and I never once got fired for slipping a month. (Although CES was *always* pretty much a hard ship date.)

So I would often stop and think deeply for a couple of days, then rewrite some big section of the existing codebase and docs. Just like I'm doing now.

Only with myself as management and customer I have a different predicates in mind.

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In order to achieve this difficult balance it is incredibly useful to rethink your assumptions and you must be willing to reinvent wheels; sometimes more than once. (Or simply ask yourself if you need that wheel at all.)

The reason I can make those kind of choices is I usually create a Proof of Concept implementation – often by myself – with selected product features and an API design. This PoC only needs to demonstrate the features to management/clients and act as developer documentation.

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I've been working on one of my personal programming lately and got stuck because something about my design wasn't right. So I stopped and thought deeply for a few days.

I used to get paid to do this: figure out the most optimal way to implement something – where 'optimal' means balancing the needs of the app and it's environment, the programmers creating it, the customer, and the product market intent.

Lots of subtle crosslinks in that set; budget being the big dog in the pack.

RE: alternative streaming services to Crunchyroll:

1. HiDive is OK, but their library is limited

2. Funimation has some of the same corporate-who-cares-about-the-customers issues as Crunchyroll, plus their video compression sucks; bad for anyone with a bandwidth cap like myself

3. There is no number 3

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The problem here is, how do I make sure to compensate the creators? I guess I'll do the same as I did back in my fansub days: buy legal videos (DVDs now) of my favorites and pick up some merch here and there.

Frankly I'd rather just use a streaming service. It's too bad Crunchyroll is going through some kind of of corporate BS right now, but the forums there are full of angry paying customers, like myself, threatening to leave.

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With the ongoing customer support issues at Crunchyroll (new Queue especially) I'm considering taking to the high seas for my again.

The problem is, I'm on a Satellite Internet connection. So t*rrent apps won't work well. I did some looking around and found Bitport.io - bitport.io/welcome

Bitport is kind of awesome because the t*rrent's go to a cloud server and you can download them normally from there. Anyone have any experience with them or know of alternatives?

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