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"One who deceives will always find those who allow themselves to be deceived." – Niccolo Machiavelli

Rusted Neuron (this Mastodon instance) is now a year old! Many thanks to @mastohost!

So, when do we invade Sudetenland? Sorry, I mean Greenland?

Politics, Trump, Tired of this shit 

Mass Shootings, Suicide 

Karen Stenner's site has a *TON* of good information about thinking.

We should be learning about this now; using the information to design tactics and strategies to disempower the 30% who actually yearn for strong man government.

"Democracy is most secure, and tolerance is maximized, when we design systems to accommodate how people actually are. Because some people will never live comfortably in a modern liberal democracy"

The Man Who Thinks Mass Can Work

Yes, there really are people who want to live in a . They may have nuanced views – as this guy does – but they are still willing to trust the government with that power.

Yes, that should frighten you.

As of this morning it's official… I DEFINITELY caught the con-crud at . (cough * cough)

On the ground in Seattle. Aside from the drive home, this trip is done.

Now at Dublin airport waiting for the first flight of my trip home. Including the driving part it will be fifteen hours or more.

Just seated for the closing ceremony. The convention is basically a wrap; nothing left but the Dead Dog party!

The best novelette is If at First You Don't Succeed Try Again by Zen Cho.

The best short story is sa Witches Guide to Escape by Alex E. Harrow.

Correction to correction. Monstress. Finally got it right!

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