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Title: The worst is yet to come
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Also, the edit history is incredibly extensive for what is basically a short article about a pejorative term applied to some US industrialists in the 1920's and 30's. We're talking 1,448 total edits since 2005.

It all feels really odd to me. Now I'm beginning to wonder if other Wikipedia articles that reflect badly on the rich have seen a similar softening?

And, yes, commentary about the tone of the article is there on the talk page.

The Wikipedia article on 19th Century US Robber Barons appears to have been scrubbed of anything remotely approving of the term 'Robber Baron'. This is apparently because 'Robber Baron' was an early 20th Century insulting name for oligarchs and, well, you can't support insults can you?

Think I'm kidding? The 'talk' page is illuminating.

Politics, Impeachment 

Politics, Conservatives, Russia 

The theory coming from my SF writer story brain is fun! What if the Twitter system 'woke up' and it's trying to warn me that I've been targeted by a rival AI running on CIA servers?

(This would be a scenario where there are multiple sentient AIs with different goals.)

I haven't worked out why a CIA AI would have a drone loitering near me yet. But my story brain says the next thing I should do is strip nekkid and run into the forest before a Hellfire missile takes out my house.

And, then, there's the whole question of what Northrop Grumman is trying to accomplish with this ad. Who do they think will be seeing it and how do they think it will resonate?

I mean, this isn't the kind of ad you would show to a person with less than a billion dollar limit on their credit cards, right? Unless they are trying to accomplish something other than sell drones. So WTF, over?

Why in the fuck is Northrop Grumman paying Twitter to show me videos about military drones?


I'll admit I've been making an effort to mess with Twitter's data collection and targeting algorithms, but I have absolutely no idea how it could have manifested like this. Clearly:

1. Twitters ad-targeting algorithms are seriously buggy

2. Northrop Grumman is wasting money

"Accessibility Tips for Web Developers" those are basics tips but it would already be amazing if a lot of devs and sites would just start following those. It doesn't have to be perfect just better than yesterday!!!

Well, tried Selenium IDE out and it seems to do about 80% of what I want to do; probably as good as any other tool.

That said? The next version is going to be an Electron app, to get around some limitations that result from being a browser plugin.

Electron app. Some days I feel like no one ever learns anything from experience.

Thinking of fooling with Selenium IDE for some personal web automation. (If I have success I might switch to Selenium WebDriver.)

Anyone have any experience with Selenium? My use case isn't testing, so maybe that is an impedance mismatch? (I.E. possible, but more difficult than it ought to be.)

Today I took my dog 'down below' (as we say here in the mountains) to one of those giant box pet stores, to get washed, toenails clipped, and more immunizations. Made a long day for me and not a happy one for the dog.

While waiting on a bench in the store I looked around at the endless isles of pet products and suddenly felt disconnected from it all. In a world where children starve, we have stores like this.


Twitter mention 

Twitter mention 

Someone please write a twitter bot, which instead of “unrolling” threads, compiles them into markdown, converts it to a data URL and DMs the link to the poster, with an admonishment to blog it.

Been working outside in the cold all day, it never got above 40f. Cleaned up a bunch of things that were cluttering the front yard and porch (more to do there) and completed another firewood rack unit.

I attached the new rack unit to the old one, to make a single covered rack holding a full cord. Two more to finish, both are nearly complete.

Right now my back is telling me I'm done for the day and maybe for tomorrow as well. 😟

Painkiller time.

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