Re: the scene at U Village in #Seattle

UWAlert account on birbsite is giving out FALSE info about looting.

A peaceful protest is in progress, with a large presence of both SPD and National Guard (who are hiding from the public behind the building).

Today's crazy idea. (OK, actually an old one I just remembered.)

A UNIX shell, but where the commands and responses are like using a text adventure game.

> look

You are in a large room. There are four doors out and the door you came in by. There are a number of shelves holding small chests.

> look at chests

You can count 27 chests, each with labels. The first chest is labeled "bar.c" and the last chest is labeled "readme.txt".

> open readme.txt

The chest contains a scroll.

> read scroll

Tanker Truck Speeds Into Thousands of George Floyd Protesters on Minneapolis Bridge.

WTF? Also, a long drawn out 'wow'.

At least no one was badly injured, not even the truck driver, since some in the crowd protected him from others who were, I would say justifiably, outraged.

“I don’t know the motives of the driver at this point in time,” Gov. Tim Walz said. “But at this point in time to not have tragedy and many deaths is an amazing thing.”

How to set up a remote desktop on a Pi (or other headless Linux box) entirely over the network; no screen or keyboard required.

A Tasty Output Device

We have headphones for your ears, and monitors for your eyes. Some computers even have tactile feedback. Now researchers have an output device for taste. The decidedly odd device uses five gels, one for each of the tastes humans ca…

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After the 3:00 PM storm washed through my Internet didn't come back like usual once the rain cleared up. After a lot of fiddling around I concluded it was a cable or the junction box, so I ran a new cable out a window directly to the satellite dish.

Now I'm back up again. But just in time to go down again as the next storm front passes. (Which it did while I was typing this. I'm actually posting four hours later.)

Ah, the joys of living deep rural in a cell dead-zone…

Well, that time my Internet was locked out for over an hour. Weather radar shows another front moving my way and then a break before the next one.

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Weather update: heavy rain knocked out my Internet for a while. Still seeing lighting flashes in the distance, but a lot closer than before. Updated weather radar shows the system pushing north towards me, so most likely I'll be losing Internet again soon.

Looking closer at the radar plot, looks like Skykomish and Gold Bar and the rest of the highway 20 area got hammered big time, as did Maple Valley to the South.

and Everett are getting big weather as well.

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Hearing thunder off in the distance. I check Accuweather and, sure enough, there's a severe weather warning on. The radar plot looks pretty scary, but it also looks like it's all going by south of me.

However, plus much of King county and south Snohomish county are getting hammered.

(I'm now seeing lighting flashes to the south.)

Speaking as someone who's been into the scene since the 1960s, I've seen a lot of changes. I can remember BTO and Heart playing local high schools. I remember some of the old roadhouses; when the Woodenville Dome hosted national acts; when one of the best places to catch new bands was the Overlake Roller Skating Rink.

Here's some reading for you if you want a sense of local musical history.




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As uncertainty lingers for local music venues, a piece of Seattle’s identity hangs in the balance.

is a town. Personally, I think it will recover from the pandemic. Maybe with different venues and different faces, but the music will come back.

As it's done before.

The weather today is beautiful, but it's supposed to rain all weekend.

To get a jump on things, and also to make some vitamin D while the sun shined, I went ahead and mowed a big chunk of my field; I'll need to do the rest next week.

I've got nearly three and a half acres here, two of which are open field and the rest is heavily forested with a nice mix of trees and bushes. (Including tons of huckleberry bushes.)

Steampunk Brushless Motor Demo Pushes All the Maker Buttons

We’ll be honest right up front: there’s nothing new in [David Cambridge]’s brushless motor and controller build. If you’re looking for earth-shattering innovation, you’d best look elsewhere. Bu…

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