James Gosling on how Richard Stallman stole his Emacs source code and edited the copyright notices:


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If you are wondering how things are going for the expat community in , given the recent unrest, the place to check is High Life. cuencahighlife.com/news/

Ecuador's Government Departs Capital Amid Deepening Violence And Unrest. npr.org/2019/10/08/768216552/e

has been on my radar for several years as a possible place to retire as an expat should my finances not work out. I even made a trip there last year to check it out; although I'm staying here for now.

One reason I considered Ecuador is their politics are less screwed up than most S. American countries. But that doesn't mean they're entirely calm either. This is a case in point.

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Politics, Impeachment, Constitution 

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@eff ayup. It's not a question of "do you trust the government?" but a question of "do you trust all possible future governments?". If not, it doesn't matter what decent people are *collecting* the data now.

My dog is absolutely obsessed with chasing her own tail. It would be funnier if she was smaller, but as big and fast as she is it's kinda crazy when she gets up to 200 RPM.

Not much done today on my . I did make some headway on moving things from the fifth wheel to the house and decluttering.

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I just realized something: I'm retired. I DON'T HAVE TO TURN MY CLOCK BACK IF I DON"T WANT TO!

Or I can turn it back, but not relatively shift my personal schedule at all; which is what I am probably going to do so I don't miss appointments and stuff.

The Washington state Legislature passed a law to stay on daylight saving time permanently. No more changing our clocks! Yay!

But we still have to turn back our clocks Nov 3, because the US Congress has to approve it and is kinda busy right now. WTF? seattletimes.com/seattle-news/

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