This year, rather than my usual haphazard approach I'm planning to collect some data. So I kept a log of everything planted and made plant markers for each, with two-letter codes referring back to the log. For example, 'S1' and 'O9'.

I'll be updating the log for events like sprouting and such and I'll track how much harvest I get for each one.

Yeah, I'm being geeky about it. Thing is, before I just planted stuff and tried to keep it alive. But I'm foggy on what worked and what did not.


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For the last two days I've been setting up seeding trays for the garden. You'd be amazed how much work that is for a hundred plants or more.

This is actually the second planting of the year, I put in some potatoes a month ago and they are coming up now. And it isn't the last, as I'll be doing at least two more of things with quick growing periods I want multiple harvests of.


Totally drained. Morning doing final concrete work near the center post in the garage; afternoon spent in the hot sun building a drip irrigation system for the fruit trees and berry bushes. (Luckily I don't have too many of them. Yet.)

I don't know why, but these two tasks have completely sapped all my energy. I had to come inside because that way the dog wouldn't be trying to get me to play fetch and throwing the ball felt like too much effort. 😕

Ask HN: I bought Voltaren at the chemist, now Google shows me ads for it. Why?
#hackernews #tech

All of this leaves out the engineering and material challenges of building such an enormous structure. (In truth? It's pretty much impossible given our understanding of physics.)

And, just to break your head a little bit more? Such a space station is a grain of sand on the beach to a full Dyson Sphere wrapped around a star.

Even if you went for a Dyson Swarm you'd be looking at millions of such space stations.

Crazy, huh?

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The surface area of the earth is ~519 million kilometers square / 197 million miles square.

Using the calculated values above gives us a total space of nearly three earths with a ring so thin compared to it's circumference it would be invisible if you were far enough away to view the whole thing.

If we increase the ring width to the distance from pole to pole of the Earth we get a surface area of ~150 Earths! (And a now barely visible ring.)

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Related: Suppose you wanted an space station that rotated ONCE every 24 hours. This works out to a radius of ~1,854,336 kilometers / 1,152,231 miles and a circumference of ~5,825,565 kilometers / 3,619,837 miles.

This is REALLY big. As in big enough to be a ring around Jupiter, as this Redditor points out:

If your space station was ONLY 250 kilometers / 155 miles across, the available space of ONE LEVEL would be 1,456,391,250 square kilometers / 561,074,735 miles!

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Today I Learned (TIL) the philosophical puzzle I've always known as 'Lincon's Axe' was known by the Greek philosophers as the 'Ship of Thesus Paradox'.

Wikipedia has structural limits due to the way it works, limits that probably cannot be overcome. As a result, Wikipedia nearly always fails to provide the whole story or cover every aspect of a subject. This is most especially true for subjects with any nuance or which might embarrass someone.

Doubt me? Read a Wikipedia article about any subject in which you are an expert. When you get done raging at how much is missing or misrepresented you can admit I'm right.

Last night I had insomnia for the first time in nearly a year.

Insomnia, migraines and (mild, not clinical) depression have been the triple scourges of my life from the time I was a boy. (The chronic pain came in my mid twenties, after I herniated two disks.)

But something weird happened about twenty years ago: the migraines came less often and then petered out. I haven't had one in nearly a decade.

About five years ago the insomnia started down the same route.

Is the depression next to go?

Back from my every six weeks or so grocery run to down below. Most of it is put away now and my fridge is jammed full.

When you live in the city you can get by with a nearly bare pantry: just run to the store if you need something. In fact, for many urban cultures grocery shopping is a daily thing.

But when you live up in the mountains the closest grocery stores have higher prices and limited selections. Your shopping has a different cadence.

More breakthrough cases reported among vaccinated people in Washington. State officials report 217 fully vaccinated Washingtonians have tested positive for COVID-19 as of April 3. That's about 0.01% of fully vaccinated people.

Just 'cuz you're vaccinated doesn't mean you don't have to wear a mask.

When a denier claims it came out of a Chinese lab and you wonder if they are confusing their conspiracy theories, but you only ask them, "What does where it came from have to do with wearing a mask?"

Due to the 2021 Skagit Valley Highland Games have been cancelled.

This is the second year the games have been cancelled due to the pandemic. I do support the move, but I'll miss the games.

(I enjoyed volunteering at the last games, in 2019. Very similar to volunteering at a Science Fiction Convention; except with bagpipes, live animals, and even more people in kilts.)

The games are an event of the Celtic Arts Foundation.

> Awesome-Selfhosted. Self-hosting is the practice of locally hosting and managing applications instead of renting from SaaSS providers.

List of self-hosted webapps.

Been outside working on the new fence near my driveway entrance. For some reason the combination of movements required just kill my back and the most I can do in a day – without walking funny afterwards – is about sixteen feet of fence boards.

Still, it's a beautiful day to do it. It's actually a little warm for physical labor. (70f.) Moreover, Accuweather is predicting +80f for Saturday!

Considering it actually snowed a few days ago? Wow…

Of course, as Cory Doctorow ( ) is fond of pointing out, cold brew coffee requires no skill at all and even works surprising well with cheap or stale coffee. Plus it's the best option for anyone who dislikes acidity.

(I like a balanced flavor and cold brew coffee seems like it's missing something to me.)

The downside of cold brewing is remembering to prepare it the night before. For me it's mostly something I only do in the summer for afternoon coffee breaks.

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