And the answer is? Apparently there is a market for selected titles. You can find them on Etsy and Ebay. (Although most of the Ebay stuff looks like Disney films – which I have some of as well.)

I wonder if it's worth opening an Etsy store or just contacting someone who already has one and asking them to make an offer on the lot?

Anyone out there interested?

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De-cluttering again today. Came across a couple of boxes of VHS tapes – all commercial copies.

I got rid of my fansub collection years ago, once there was enough of an anime market in the US that the shows I wanted to watch were something I could find on a shelf somewhere.

I hung onto these, and some other VHS tapes, because I intended to digitalize them at some point. Not sure if I still want to do that, but I should see if there's a market for them.

I think maybe that post requires a palate cleanser…

Here's a kitten riding a unicorn!

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Optimism requires the certainty of ignorance. It cannot be sustained when you grasp the true extent of a problem.

I've been writing software since 1982. If I've learned anything in that time it's that users often don't know what they actually want when you are building it. This is because they can't describe the problem space well and often focus on the wrong things.

But once they start using it, telling them they are using it wrong only indicates you don't grok the problem space either.

And, yes… This is a subtoot about the latest controversy.

jeans with the ankles joined are topologically identical to jeans without the ankles joined

While I was de-cluttering I came across an electric broiler with a rotisserie system. I bought the thing years ago, new in box, at a garage sale – but never used it.

So today, since it was already hot enough outside to cook sous vide, I set the thing up and cooked a whole chicken outside. Worked great! Took about three hours to get the chicken to the proper internal temperature.

The chicken was fully cooked, nice and juicy, and had a crackly skin. Now I want to try a dry-rubbed roast!

Related: something that's been on my mind…

The glaciers in the mountains near here are all shrinking rapidly. And there's a good chance climate change will make most of them fully seasonal.

If that happens, does it mean the smaller rivers will start going dry in August? Because that's right at the beginning of the salmon runs and, effects on us humans entirely aside, it would be a disaster for salmon runs already down to a 10th of their historical size.

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Outside temp has hit 100f and the air conditioner is losing ground.

Just put the dog in the shower and soaked her down. She was starting to pant a bit rapidly and acting clingy.

One of my grandsons is here. I just sent him down to the river to sit in the glacier-melt water. That's the thing about Cascade Range rivers: the temperature is always *just* above freezing because, until recently, it probably *was* frozen.

Politics, Trump, Smoking Gun 

> Trump to DOJ last December: 'Just say that the election was corrupt + leave the rest to me'.

Apparently Trump directly pressured Jeffrey Rosen and Richard Donoghue of the DOJ in a phone call to pretend there was a problem with the election, despite the lack of evidence. "Just say that the election was corrupt…"

And Donoghue turned his notes over to the House Oversight Committee.

Poltics, Media 

US politics have steadily gotten more polarized over the last three decades. Why?

Kevin Drum makes the case this isn't about Conspiracy Theories or Social Media or a measurable decline in the American experience.

Nope. He says its all about Fox News…

> The Real Source of America’s Rising Rage. We are at war with ourselves, but not for the reasons you think.

I'm not so sure. Are Fox News and Rush Limbaugh and their ilk the disease or are they symptoms?

What's the Nature -vs- Nurture argument on people who are total and complete assholes? Are they 'born' or 'made'?

In "Privacy Implications of Accelerometer Data: A Review of Possible Inferences," researchers from the TU Berlin document the surprising ways in which acclerometer data can be used to infer sensitive facts about users.

Co-author Jacob Leon Kröger did a great job of breaking down the team's findings, and emphasizing the gap between device permission models and the kinds of wide-ranging inferences that accelerometers enable.


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Adding sensors to our computers revolutionized them. I remember buying my first computer paddles, my first mic, my first webcam, and the incredible new features unlocked by giving computers a way to sense and respond to the physical world.

Today, our devices are stuffed with sensors to beggar the imagination. My latest phone has FOUR cameras, multiple mics, thermal sensors, and, of course, an accelerometer that lets the system measure how it's moving from moment to moment.



Just finished mowing my pasture. Started early this morning and got all two acres of open land mowed before noon; even took a break in there.

Everything is so dry it went pretty fast, since I was basically just mowing dandelions.

Why not just leave the dandelions? 'Cuz I HATE the things, or at least the yellow ones. Leaving them out there feels like I'm telling the world I don't give a fuck.

I sometimes mow around orange and red dandelions, hoping it will result in more of them.

Registration #A222064 - 1955-03-24
Title: The sociology of play, recreation, and leisure time.
Claimants: W. C. Brown Co., Florence Greenhoe Robbins
No renewal record found.

Politics, Mo Brooks is an Idiot 

> Turns Out Mo Brooks Was Wearing Body Armor to Trump’s Very Peaceful Jan. 6 Rally.

So, not only did Brooks admit his speech firing up the Jan 6 crowd was about getting re-elected (which cost him his legal immunity as a Senator), turns out he told a reporter he was wearing body armor because someone warned him things might get violent.

(I'm sure he'll blame 'Antifa', but you know…)

Could it be Mo Brooks' biggest enemy is Mo Brooks' mouth?

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