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The Trump administration failed to do anything about Russia's meddling in the 2016 election. (Trump still claims they didn't interfere, despite every evidence to the contrary.) That may turn out to have been a mistake on Trump's part…

Why? Well, now in 2020, we have at least three foreign-nation actors sticking in their swizzle sticks. And two of them want Trump OUT.

Chickens. Home. Roost. cnn.com/2020/08/07/politics/20

Mac keyboard shortcuts. support.apple.com/en-us/HT2012

Note that this list does not include all the Unicode special characters unlocked with the Option key. For example Option-p produces the 'Pi' symbol 'π'.

My bread machine has a 'cake' function. I'm trying it out tonight with a box of cake mix, because cake, but I'm a little worried it might work too well.

I mean, I'm already fat without easy chocolate cake.

Know Thy Complexities! Big-O Cheat Sheet. bigocheatsheet.com/

Every programmer should keep this link handy. There is no single 'best' data structure, everything depends on the tradeoffs you are willing to accept for your particular use case.

Opinion article – and I call bullshit – Stop coronavirus moralizing. seattletimes.com/opinion/stop-

Personally, I find those who wish to push moral questions to the back burner are generally on the wrong side of those questions.

Morality and ethics do not exist in a separate realm of human endeavor. They are a built-in feature of all human conduct and, for far too long, we've allowed those deficient in those areas to act without consequence.

Holy fuck! Saudi crown prince accused of sending hit squad to Canada. bbc.com/news/world-middle-east

What's the difference between a head of an Authoritarian state who sends assassination squads and a mob boss who sends hit men?

Sorry, trick question. They are both actually the same thing, just at different scales…

20GB leak of Intel data: whole Git repositories, dev tools, backdoor mentions
#hackernews #tech

Check out this Raspberry PI CarPC project, created to add features to a stock car 🚘 using minimum resources.

Learn more: ed.gr/cp2km

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

NRA, Holy Shit 

New York Attorney General Moves To Dissolve The NRA After Fraud Investigation. npr.org/2020/08/06/899712823/n

This has been coming for some time. It was already clear from their internal infighting that the NRA has become a money machine for a small group of people.

But now we have the state of New York looking into it and I'm guessing there are *lots* of rats in the woodwork and smudged entries in the ledgers.

Has anyone ever written a Witch or Wizard story from the PoV of their familiar?

What would an owl's or black cat's take on their adventures be like?

I've been taking a 'down week' to recover from the Worldcon and the two months of intense effort beforehand. I'm getting caught up on household chores, but it feels like the week is going by far too fast.

And – this is a good sign – I'm getting restless to move on to the next project.

Of course, there is still work to do on the Squid Hall project; cleanup and mothballing and the like. Plus the open question of whether, and how, we will maintain some version of it for archival purposes.

A Wood Gas Powered Lawn Mower

When mowing the lawn, you generally have a choice of pushing power, electric or gasoline. Thanks to the nutty inventor [Colin Furze], you can now add wood gas to the list, as long as you don’t mind some inconvenience. He bu… hackaday.com/2020/08/05/a-wood

Original tweet : twitter.com/hackaday/status/12

I'm playing with the idea of starting an online re-read of The Hobbit and The Lord of the Rings.

I've read them both double-digit times since I was twelve. But I haven't done a re-read for a decade.

I'm not looking to start a reading group–although I won't rule it out if people are interested. The idea is to read them again and capture my impressions as someone thoroughly steeped in 's invented world. (Yeah, I've read all the things.)

Haven't decided what it will look like yet.

I should also point out that heating with wood, or any biomass for that matter, is carbon neutral. (At least so long as new trees get planted.)

Think of biomass as a way of storing solar energy in the form of hydrocarbons.

Unfortunately burning biomass can result in significant pollution if everyone does it in a high-population area. But if you live in the middle of nowhere with few neighbors like myself? No problem.

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I just ordered ten cords of firewood. More precisely, I ordered a full log-truck load of wood delivered to my property. (And, yes, it's in the form of logs – meaning chainsaw and splitting maul time when it gets here.)

I've done this before. Three years ago I had seven cords delivered this way and I've got close to a cord left of that batch. I expect this load to last me at least four years.

Heating with wood has advantages and disadvantages. But I'm price sensitive, so cost wins over effort.

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