ebooks that are only released with DRM are basically telling me "if you want to read this you have to pirate it" and if that's what they want, so be it. Liberate them for everyone thufie.lain.haus/liberation.ht

You could also just, y'know, not publish with DRM on an ebook platform.

Trump, Poltics, Polls 

Trump, Poltics, Polls 

Trump, Poltics, Polls 

Here's an example pattern bit on Amazon, with the required cutting length for my use case. Note that you can get these with the bearings on the top, bottom, or both-ends.

I will need to verify what shank sizes my router can accept before I actually order one somewhere.

Note that I could also use a 'spiral cut bit' with a 'pattern collar' aka 'router template guide'. But I was having difficulty finding a long enough spiral cut bit. The only ones I did find would have required multiple passes and some other futzing around.

Less waste, rework, and sanding if I can do it in one pass. The trick will be using a circular saw to rough cut close to the pattern so the pattern bit can 'flake off' the excess.

I've been looking for a special bit for my router to cut curves in 2" thick wood using a clamped pattern. I've seen them before, but I didn't know what they were called.

Today I applied my Google Fu and discovered what I need is a 'top bearing pattern bit'. Good to know. Now to find the best price/performance.

It's about to be a slushy mess out here: the weather forecast is warmer with rain and I've still got a foot of snow on the ground.

For a while I had a theory that my dog is actually a cat in a dog's body, because she will strop herself against your leg when she wants attention. (BTW: a cat doing that is dangerous only to the extent you can trip over the cat; when a large dog does that it can knock you over.)

However, I've changed my mind on this because no cat would run up to you when you fart just to huff it.

Aberdeen (WA) is getting quite a bit of snow. Not sure how everyone else is doing.

How are you doing #pnw -esterners?

Power is back on and … it is snowing again. According to the weather radar, this is just the first vanguard of a wide storm front.

Power is still out, although there have been PUD trucks prowling around, so I might get it back on just in time for the next storm to knock it out again.

Life in the sticks people.

Got the snow blowing done. And I'm loving the new snow blower; I've completely cleaned my long driveway and put in paths everywhere I need to go.

Dog got to play in the snow a bit too. I'm taking a break now before I tackle the next set of chores.

Power went out over night, so I'm again thankful for having wood heat. More than a foot of snow on the ground this morning.

It's 23f outside. One of the pipes in the utility room froze up. This is why I'm re-doing everything with PEX.

It's difficult to tell which is stupider: the Right's obsequiousness to Trump or the Left's internecine warfare and purity tests.

I've got six inches of snow on the ground and it's been falling all morning. Accuweather says this is going to keep up all day.

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